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Ashoka Centre for China Studies
The Centre for China Studies has been set up to build China Studies at Ashoka University as an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary area studies program with a strong commitment to disciplinary depth and language learning. Launched by a variety of capacity-building initiatives that enhance the study on China nationally, the Centre for China Studies is committed to becoming a leading institute on China-related research and collaboration across academic disciplines, and foster a greater understanding of China across academic, policy-making, and public audiences in India. 
The Ashoka Centre for China Studies (ACCS) is chaired by Ambassador Shivshankar Menon. Professor Srinath serves as the Faculty Advisor at the ACCS. The ACCS Faculty Committee comprises Professor Upinder Singh, Professor Ashwini Deshpande, and Professor Nayan Chanda.
The Centre will set the academic research focus and strategy for China studies, develop coursework and degree programs, and facilitate educational exchanges for faculty and students, and through the creation of a hub at Ashoka support the development of China Studies across prominent institutions in India. 
To this end, the Centre has launched three programs:
1. Mandarin Language Scholars Program: Mandarin Language Scholars Program: The Mandarin Language Scholars Program (MLP) is an opportunity for young Indian scholars and practitioners to develop a working knowledge of the Mandarin language for research, teaching, or professional work, through one-year intensive Mandarin Language training in Taiwan. Apply here. Know more
2. China India Visiting Scholars Fellowship: The China India Visiting Scholars (CIVS) Fellowship is an opportunity for academics, policy experts, and professionals to develop a deeper understanding of China's development experience across various fields. The 9-month fellowship provides up to 10 fellows each year with a grant of INR 350,000 to collaborate with an International China Scholar and produce comparative work within the domain of Economics and Development. Applications for CIVS Fellowship are currently open. Apply here
3. China Studies Postdoctoral fellowship: The China Studies Post-doctoral Fellowship (CSPF), offered jointly by Ashoka University (India) and the Harvard-Yenching Institute (US) for recent PhDs in China Studies, is an opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to conduct a two-year study on China, extendable pending review and approval, under the guidance of established scholars and professors while teaching at top Indian universities. Applications for the second year of CSPF are currently open. Apply here.
4. Mandarin Language Teaching Program: The Mandarin Language Teaching Program (MALTEP) aims to develop and implement Mandarin language programs for Indian students and is a part of the Centre’s effort to support the study of China in India. Under MALTEP,  the Centre is supporting the development of Mandarin language programs at top Indian universities. 
ACCS is not affiliated with any Chinese institutions or organizations.
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