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Financial Aid


Ashoka University is committed to offering a world-class education in India. This is matched by efforts to ensure that this education is accessible and affordable for students from all walks of life, through our philosophy of need-based financial aid.


Any candidate’s need/ability to pay is assessed based on various financial resources available to them and their immediate family, including current income, savings, investments, and education loans , to finance the expected educational cost. Our endeavour is to provide necessary financial support which can help admitted candidates bridge the gap between the cost of the programme and their ability to pay.


Ashoka University’s Financial Aid policy has helped support 68% of our Young India Fellows who have received some form of financial grants.



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Application Process


If you are shortlisted for a Personal Interview, you will have an opportunity to apply for financial aid. Your form will be enabled on the Ashoka University Portal and you will be informed of the deadline date as well as other relevant information for submitting the form. If you are considering applying for financial aid, we encourage you to download a copy of the Financial Aid Form, prepare the information ahead of time, and submit the form within the deadline. Please note that this is your only opportunity during the entire admission process to apply for aid. Requests made at any other time, especially after receiving an offer of admission, will not be entertained. 


Procure the following documents in advance and keep them ready to upload on the Portal. These documents need to be converted into PDF files of sizes under 2MB. The resolution of the PDF should be 200 DPI, which is readable. Alternatively, the candidates can also attach a zip folder of a zip file not larger than 2 mb containing all the documents.


(1) Income Tax Returns for the Financial Year 2017-18, 2018-19 & 2019-20 for yourself/your parent(s) or guardian(s)/earning members of the family
Salary statements for the last 3 months of all earning members
Bank Account Statements for the last 12 months of all earning members of the family
Details of the family’s Financial Assets (movable and immovable property, investments, etc.)
For Businesses/Professionals : Income Tax Returns, Bank Statements, Financial Statements (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet for the last three Financial Years)
For Businesses/Professionals: Form 26AS
Details of all expenses. If a loan expense is mentioned, then a supporting loan statement is mandatory.
Haryana Domicile Certificate (if applicable. It is mandatory for availing Haryana Resident benefits)


Please note that the Financial Aid Committee will only consider the documents uploaded online. If the document has not been uploaded online, it will not be considered in the final assessment. Hard copies of the documents or copies of documents on email threads will not be accepted.


SUBMIT the form within the deadline. This deadline is binding and will not be extended. If you do not submit your form, your application will not be processed for financial aid.


You will receive the final decision of your financial aid application along with your Offer of Admission as per the admissions timeline.





What is Ashoka University’s philosophy in awarding financial aid? 

Ashoka University believes that the primary responsibility to bear the cost of the educational expenses of the student belongs with the family before the university grants financial aid. We expect that the family will consider various financial resources available to them, including current income, savings, investments, and education loans if required, to finance the expected educational cost. The financial aid grant provided by the university aims to bridge the gap between the cost of the programme and your ability to pay.


How is the financial aid assessed?

The financial aid given by Ashoka University is assessed solely on the basis of your family’s financial standing. It is not based on scholastic merit, sports qualifications, parent's occupation or any non-financial factors.


How much financial aid can I receive?
If you are eligible, you can receive anywhere from a 25% waiver on tuition to a full waiver on the total fee.


What if my parent/guardian is not required to file an ITR?

As per Income Tax Act of 1961, you are only exempt from filing an ITR if your total income is below INR 2,50,000. If you fall in this category, you will need to provide:


- an affidavit on a stamp paper, stating the gross annual income and the source(s) of income (if the earning member is self-employed)

- salary slips for the last six months/salary certificate from the employer (if the earning member is salaried)


My parent/guardian has two or more bank accounts. Will I be required to upload statements for all bank accounts?

Yes, you will be required to upload the statements of all bank account by converting them into PDF files of sizes under 2mb. Ensure that the resolution of the PDF is 200dpi. Alternatively, you can also attach a zip folder containing all the statements.


Do you offer financial aid for international students? 

Yes, we do offer financial aid for international students. However, if the international student is admitted to the university on partial or no financial aid, he/she is expected to manage their expenses, like travel (both local & international), medical etc. during their time at Ashoka University. 


I am an International Student and we do not file Income Tax Returns in my country. What am I required to submit?

If you are an international student, you will be required to present any/all document(s) that you file with the government of your country that establishes the gross income and tax paid by individuals in your family or by the business owned and run by your family.


Can I submit the financial documents through email/post/in person?

No, you can only submit the financial documents through the financial aid form (refer to the Financial Aid Application Process)


Is there a different fee structure for Haryana Residents?

Haryana Resident students are eligible for a full or partial fee concession as per the Haryana Private Universities Act. However, this fee concession is subject to the submission of Haryana Residence Certificate. Please note that this benefit only valid at the time of admission. Ashoka University reserves the right to determine the percentage of fee concession. 


To view a sample of the Financial Aid Application Form, click HERE


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Education Loans


Ashoka University has collaborated with the following banks and organisations to provide students with the option to explore education loans independent of our financial aid programme.


Please click on the following options for more details:

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  3. HDFC Credila