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Department of Biology


The Department of Biology, Ashoka University, promotes an academic culture that engages intellectual curiosity and fosters interdisciplinary perspectives. As a department, we take multi-dimensional approaches to study biology across various scales. These range from molecules to cells, tissues to individuals, and organisms to ecosystems. The department is built on the foundations of Chemistry and Physics. It also draws expertise from other disciplines like data sciences, climate & environmental sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Students and faculty at Ashoka are equal partners in this journey. Our collective aim is to generate new knowledge and explore its applications to address social problems. 


The Department of Biology also hosts the Trivedi School of Biosciences with the help of a generous donation from Mr. Ashok Trivedi. The school promotes advanced research in Synthetic Biology, Data Science, and emerging areas in disease biology. It will also focus on developing innovative pedagogical methods in Biology.




Department of Biology Handbook