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Centre for Social and Behaviour Change

The Centre for Social and Behaviour Change (CSBC) is set up by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The vision of the Centre is to establish an institution in India that is globally reputed for thought leadership and excellence in impactful behaviour change interventions for low-income and marginalized populations. 


The Centre executes this vision through a mix of action, research and capability initiatives. Under the "action" umbrella, the Centre leads 360-degree behaviour change programmes to develop robust frameworks, templates, prototypes and processes. The Centre undertakes research that fills gaps in the field's understanding of consumers, communities, channels and content to design more effective interventions. Finally, the Centre is focused on bringing new capabilities such as behavioural science, design thinking, data and responsive feedback to governments, practitioners and donors to help better design and optimize behaviour change interventions and programmes. 


We partner with Central and State Governments, NGOs and foundations, academic institutions, and the private sector. We design and test behaviour change interventions in the areas of nutrition, sanitation, maternal and newborn care, gender, financial inclusion and agriculture. Ashoka University faculty, students and alumni contribute to the success of the Centre through research projects, collaborations on teaching, research assistantships and positions at the Centre. 


The Centre is led by Neela Saldanha, who serves as the Director. Professor Vaiju Naravane who heads Ashoka’s Journalism, Media Studies and Film Studies Programme serves as the Centre’s Executive Director.