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Co-curricular Courses



Co-curricular courses are designed to enhance the main academic curriculum. The visual arts, performing arts and languages are essential elements of the complete education we hope to provide at Ashoka. The arts and languages offer us an expressive voice, and a knowledge of and sensitivity to them can be potentially humanizing. Co-curricular courses at Ashoka are both practical and theoretical. Rather than purely imparting training, they have been conceived as a means to engage with various art forms.


Students have to take 2 Co-Curricular Courses as part of their graduation requirements, which amounts to 4 credits; in any semester, a student can take a maximum of 1 Co-Curricular Course.


Some of the areas covered by Co-curricular courses are

improvisational, traditional, and street theatre

global and Indian instrumental and vocal music

contemporary and traditional dance

sculpture, drawing, painting, filmmaking, fashion design, sub-continental crafts, curating

world, Indian ,ancient and modern languages