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Minor in Media Studies

The minor programme in Media Studies at Ashoka complements the English major focusing as it does on writing and narration in the media as opposed to the academic sphere.


It emphasises the understanding and appreciation of communication and new technologies, historically and in their contemporary forms, as key social processes involved in the production and maintenance of societies.


It provides the critical background and necessary analytical skills for understanding the proliferation of communication products and systems as the world moves into the Information Age.


The Media Studies minor focuses on the forms and effects of media (radio, television, photography, print, digital, electronic) and delves into:



- The history of media

- The ethics and effects of media in the arena of policy studies

- Convergence journalism and communication technology

- The social impact of media on public opinion

- The relations between media and the law, free speech and

- The commerce and regulation of media in the public sphere

Through its Critical Thinking Seminar and Introduction to Journalism courses this minor programme offers a unified identity focused on two enduring journalistic functions: news and narrative. Both short and long forms of journalism are explored in various platforms. Through lectures, discussions, reading, writing and documentary projects students will study media institutions, ethics, law and policy and international and multicultural communication while mastering basic news writing and production skills.