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Minor in Performing Arts

The performing arts are an integral part of education at Ashoka and often act as a prism through which other subjects can be viewed. The courses being offered are designed to engage with ‘performance’ as an academic as well as a practical subject. The interrelated nature of music, dance and theatre is emphasized throughout the performing arts programme. Each of these courses is worth 4 credits. Undergraduates at Ashoka may opt for a minor in performing arts.


Apart from the performing arts minor courses, a whole array of 2-credit co-curricular courses in performing and visual arts is offered every semester. Students are eligible for and encouraged to take co-curricular courses from the first semester of their first year.


1. Asian Traditional Theatre

Faculty: Uma Katju


2. Bharatanatyam II

Faculty: Justin McCarthy


3. The Performing Body

Faculty: Navtej Singh Johar


4. Performance Theory and Practise (Sub-Continental)

Faculty: Justin McCarthy