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Minor in Visual Arts

The Department of Visual Arts, Ashoka University, combines training in aspects of studio arts with courses in Art History and Visual Culture. Students Minoring in Visual Arts have to take at least 1 of the 4 courses listed as Gateway Courses and choose the remaining courses from a range of other electives on offer in any particular semester. The gateway courses are designed to offer crucial overviews of various disciplines and media practice that constitute the field of Visual Arts. The elective courses are designed thematically to address specific questions that are central to the disciplinary fields that constitute realm of Visual Arts. Every course counts for 4 credits. For a Minor in Visual Arts students have to take up 6 courses to complete 24 credits. This course list reflects the offerings of the Department of Visual Arts as it stands now and courses may be added to the list from time to time.

Gateway Courses
  1. Theory and Practice of Art: Drawing/ Oil Painting/ Print Making/ Clay Modeling (Professor Anunaya Chaubey with Dhrubajit Saha)

  2. Understanding Art (Janice Pariat)

  3. Approaching Art: Object, Image, Text (Sraman Mukherjee)

  4. Why does Art Matter? The Efficacy of the Visual Image (Sraman Mukherjee)

Elective Courses
  1. The Field of Visual Culture: Sites, Objects, Media (Sraman Mukherjee)

  2. Histories of South Asian Art: From the earliest times to the present (Sraman Mukherjee)

  3. Rethinking Asian Art (Sraman Mukherjee)

  4. Empire, Nation, and Art: Histories from the Visual Image (Sraman Mukherjee)

  5. Reading Images: Terms and Methods in Art History (Sraman Mukherjee)

  6. Sites and Sights: Exhibitions, Museums, and the making of Art (Sraman Mukherjee)