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YSP-Urban Lab

From Conversations to Convergence on issues you Care about.

Ashoka University launches a new programme for high-school students on social impact and change!    


In its introductory year, YSP Urban Lab is offered as a two-weekend programme that follows the 5-day YSP-Winter. YSP-Urban Lab (UL) takes students on a journey that begins with a conversation on the issues they care about. UL is a programme that builds on their life experiences, explores questions, issues and concerns that shapes the understanding of the world we live in. Students will get an opportunity to identify an issue of concern, learn research methods and find resources in a systematic manner to develop an action plan for change and impact. Urban Lab seeks to equip you with tools to be a changemaker!


YSP Urban Lab is one of its kind programme for high school students that brings together a pedagogical lens to view the community and the practical element of working towards its betterment. The programme provides an opportunity for students to develop a holistic view of the world, challenge themselves intellectually and become sensitised action-oriented young adults on whatever path they undertake.  



Add YSP-Urban Lab to YSP-Winter!



Give the leader in you a voice™

Programme Dates: 26-30 December 2020 followed by 2-3 and 9-10 January 2

Applications Open!

Eligibility: High-school student in Grade 9 to 12 who are participating in YSP Winter                                                                                                                                                             



Programme Structure:

In its introductory year, YSP Urban Lab is offered as a two-weekend programme that follows the 5 day YSP Winter. YSP Urban Lab will include faculty presentations, case studies, project-based learning, small group discussions, and guided exploration of students’ interests.

  • Impact centric workshops & activities:  Students get an opportunity to explore experiential activities and discover new ways to solve problems.

  • Case study based discussion sessions: To ensure the students can engage in more nuanced discussions the Urban Lab cohort is divided into smaller groups where in impact driven case studies will be discussed. These sessions will be facilitated by Ashoka student counsellors.

  • Inspirational speakers from the field: Young change-makers from the field whose stories will inspire the young minds to dive deeper into the issues and be the change they want to see in the world. 

  • Resource centers: Unique opportunity to get involved with three centers of excellence at Ashoka University, the Centre for Social & Behavioral Change (CBSC), the Center for Social Impact and Philanthropy (CSIP) and Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE). These centers are at the forefront of research work on global issues. An exclusive series of interactive sessions with these centers gives students an opportunity to have an in depth conversation with experts from the centers.                 ​​​​​

All of this when put together will facilitate a move from the realm of thought to potential action. Thus purposefully broadening the student’s imagination to help them contribute meaningfully to social issues towards responsible civic engagement.  

Programme Outcomes

YSP-Urban Lab focuses on understanding different ways to frame a problem and view their relationships to the neighbourhood, community, society and the world. The programme seeks to:


Build research skills 
Inculcate inter-disciplinaritympact centric workshops
Enhance critical thinking and anlytical abilities                                                                       

Develop an action plan for change


Thus enabling students to be equipped, empowered and enthused to work towards greater civic engagement!

Application Process-Eligibility

Programme Dates: 26-30 Dec 2020 and 2-3 & 9-10 Jan 2021 (two weekends)
Application Deadline: 7 December 2020

EligibilityHigh-school students in Grade 9 to 12

For more details:

Application Fee: INR 500/- to be paid along with the submission of online application form

Introductory Programme Fee: INR 15000/-

Total Programme Fee: INR 25,000 (YSP Winter) + 15,000 (UL) = 40,000/-

YSP Urban Lab is a two-weekend programme that follows the 5-day YSP-Winter.


Need-based scholarships available




Phone Numbers: +91-130-2300265, +91-7496967702



Who should do this programme?
  • Students who are curious about issues and concerns in their neighborhood

  • Students who want to understand life beyond the classroom 

  • Students who wish to explore the space of impact entrepreneurship 

  • Students who are inspired to bring change in their everyday lives

  • Students who are problem solvers and are looking to become a change-maker

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