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Department of Philosophy

Philosophy grapples with fundamental questions about the nature of reality, knowledge, and how we ought to act. Both in the Indian and in the Western philosophical tradition, answers to these questions have been supported by rigorous arguments. Our courses offer a historically sensitive immersion in these arguments. That having been said, the Philosophy Major at Ashoka University aims to equip students to work beyond the parochialism of either the Indian or Western philosophical tradition to do philosophy without boundaries.

The Philosophy Major will equip students with critical reasoning and analytical problem-solving skills, expressive precision, and the intellectual spaciousness to appreciate and engage rationally with arguments and points of view with which they profoundly disagree.

The Department of Philosophy offers a Philosophy Major, an Advanced Major, a Minor, and a Concentration, offers courses that are a constitutive part of the PPE Major and also accepts MLS students.

Philosophy students are active in the Philosophy Society, the Philosophy Helpdesk, and organize the PhilCon, India's first undergraduate Philosophy conference. Ashoka Philosophy graduates will be well prepared for higher studies in philosophy or a career in e.g. media, law, business, or consulting, as our past graduates are happy to confirm.