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Science Policy Initiative
Ashoka University has recently set up a Science Policy Initiative (SPI) to complement the efforts of the University’s Faculty of Sciences and spur innovation as well as continuous learning into the knowledge ecosystem. SPI aims to promote data-driven research, policy work and advocacy on India’s science, technology and innovation space. With the broader agenda of contextualizing and reinforcing the efforts of the scientific community in India, the Policy Initiative acts as a knowledge hub, encouraging deliberations on issues related to science and technology.
This policy initiative of the University strives to act as a resource body for the government and industry by conceptualizing and preparing high-quality evidence-based policy briefs, recommendation notes, background papers, presentations and other targeted resources for meetings and conferences with key stakeholders from the government, academia and the industry. Going forward, SPI will also aid the translation of science research and policy discussions into sound policies through persuasive advocacy and working with the government. 
Within a thriving culture for expression, research, practical support and thought leadership, Ashoka University renders SPI the right environment for policy research and capability building. 
Prof. L.S.Shashidhara, Professor and Dean of Research at Ashoka heads the Science Policy Initiative. Learn more about the team


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