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Young Scholars Programme (YSP)



Young Scholars Programme (YSP) is a unique summer programme which introduces high school students to liberal arts and sciences education. This year we are offering YSP as an online certified, five-day long programme where students will be exposed to different disciplines through academic work, writing and multimedia learning. YSP includes a range of activities including faculty presentations, creative workshops and discussion groups all in a virtual mode. YSP is for high-calibre school students studying in class 9,10,11 and 12 in June 2021. With its unique interdisciplinary coursework taught by world-class faculty, this programme is an excellent introduction to the pedagogy of liberal arts and sciences. This is also a perfect gateway to both range and depth of multidisciplinarity at Ashoka University.



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DatesJune 14-18, 2021 
Application Fee: INR 500/-
Programme Fee: INR 25,000/- (inclusive of taxes)
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High school students from throughout India and across the world are eligible to apply. Students should be in class 9,10, 11 or 12 while they are attending the programme, i.e. in June 2021. This year, students who appeared for class 12th board exams are also eligible for YSP. Applicants will need to fill an online form submitting their high school marks and write an essay. They should be able to demonstrate intellectual curiosity and have the ability to explore different ideas. Classes will be held as per Indian Standard Time (IST).

The YSP Online 2021 Experience
1. Faculty presentations - Academics and leaders from Ashoka University who have worked with some of the best universities and organizations across the world and set the absolute bar in their respective fields deliver presentations specifically designed for the Young Scholars Programme. It is an altogether different experience when a student learns from such professors who are conducting primary research in their fields too. Ranging from Economics, International Relations, Cryptography and Computer Science to History and LIterature - these presentations focus on broadening the horizons of learning and exploration for the students of the YSP.

2. Breakout Discussion Sessions with Ashokans - Learning can step into altogether a different gear once a conversation focused in a small group is fueled with diverse perspectives from students coming from very different backgrounds. To ensure that the students can engage in a more nuanced discussion, the YSP cohort will be divided into smaller groups in breakout sessions and the discussion further will be facilitated by Ashoka Undergraduate student counsellors.

Founder Talks - Ashoka University’s founders represent some of India’s leading institution builders entrepreneurs, academicians and industry stalwarts. This exclusive series of interactive sessions will give the YSP scholars an opportunity to have a closed group conversation with Ashoka Founders, like Dr. Pramath Raj Sinha,  Vineet Gupta, Deep Kalra, Sanjeev Bikhchandani and more. A dedicated session with the Ashoka Admissions gives the young scholars a view into the process of applying to Ashoka University.
4. The Art of Writing - In a world where resumes of even the best of students are stacked up with similar marks and activities, it’s tough being inventive, creative and relevant, even when it comes to answering seemingly simple questions like, ‘Tell us something about yourself’. Writing as a skill is not just about what language you speak or how good your vocabulary is, but more about being able to realize who you are, where you come from and then being able to articulate your ideas in the best possible way.

Over the span of the YSP, the writing programme aims to develop creative and critical reading, thinking and writing skills that will help students engage with the world of ideas and enable them to develop and express their own ideas in a well-reasoned, lucid and engaging manner. Writing is taught through multiple lenses like memes, cartoons, poetry, storytelling, resumes, SOPs and more.

5. Online Experiential Activities - The YSP experience is incomplete without the plethora of activities that YSP scholars get to choose from and engage with on a daily basis. Every year we bring together a spectrum of artists and professionals with expertise in things that we like to call, skills for life. This gives the students an opportunity to pick up something that they had never thought they could do or rediscover sides of themselves that they had forgotten in the past. Some of these experiential activities include music, theatre, slam poetry, debating, negotiations and more.
Who is the YSP for?

- The YSP is for students who feel that studying just a single discipline in high school is holding them back and for those who wish to broaden their horizons of learning and explore what a liberal arts and sciences education is all about. This is done using a unique interdisciplinary coursework prepared specifically for the Young Scholars Programme.

- For high school students who aren’t satisfied with the level of teaching or the education they’ve received in general, learning from the absolute stellar faculty at Ashoka University that teaches at YSP made students feel much more empowered. Every single professor who teaches at YSP is a stalwart of their field and in most cases, the same person behind a lot of things we grew up reading.

- A bunch of YSP scholars in the previous cohorts were simply confused and didn’t know what to pursue in future. YSP gave them a flavour of and access to a broad spectrum of disciplines to explore. This helped them develop an ability to think and analyze situations with an interdisciplinary approach and multiple perspectives.

- For students who were particularly sure of what they wanted to pursue in college, the YSP laid down and strengthened the foundation necessary for any undergraduate education.

A Glimpse of the Young Scholars Programme

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DatesJune 14-18, 2021 
Application Fee: INR 500/-
Programme Fee: INR 25,000/- (inclusive of taxes)
For enquiries:-


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Phone numbers: +91-7496967701,+91-7496967702


The YSP Weekend at Ashoka University Campus
The YSP Programme team will be hosting a YSP Weekend at the Ashoka University campus when it’s safe to come and visit the University. Thus, all the students enrolled in the programme will get a chance to experience life at the Ashoka campus and won’t miss out on any facet of the programme.
For now the YSP Online programme will have a ‘Virtual Tour of the Ashoka Campus’.