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Young Scholars Programme-Advanced (YSP-A)

YSP - Advanced (YSP-A) is a certified, academically intensive, summer online programme for high school students. With its unique interdisciplinary coursework taught by world-class faculty, this programme is an excellent introduction to the academics at Ashoka University.


In the first week, the programme focused on exposing students to a range of disciplines through faculty presentations, discussion sessions, founder talks, online experiential activities and sessions on the art of writing, forming a broad base for the academic deep dive to follow. The second week was thematically structured in three tracks that extended the conceptual understanding of various disciplines from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Students choose one track where various disciplines converged in effectively addressing and conceptualising current global issues.

The YSP-Advanced is not going to be offered in 2021.

An Insight into the Young Scholars Programme

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